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New Outlooks In Science & Engineering
The BA festival of Science
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FameLab judges fall for silky scientist
Monday, June 12, 2006 - Daily Telegraph
Could you explain a scientific process in five minutes? That's what the finalists of FameLab had to do. Jonathan Wood won, with a description of the web-making abilities of spiders - and NOISEmaker Sima Adhya was a runner-up!
NOISEmaker Sima Adhya - a star in space
Tuesday, May 23, 2006 - Daily Telegraph
NOISEmaker Sima Adhya has made it to the finals of the FameLab Podcast awards. She's one of ten in line to be announced as overall winner at the Cheltenham Science Festival in June. To get there, she's made a podcast describing her work on saving the planet - no, really! She's part of a team working out how to deflect asteroids hurtling through space...
Science & Engineering in the news

How to make diet cola go with a bang
If you drop certain sweets into certain soft drinks, the effects can be quite dramatic. See what happened when Metro, following scientific advice, dropped Mentos into Diet Coke...

Generating currents from currents
The problem with water turbines has been with the direction of the tide: change the direction of the current, and you have a problem. An EPSRC-funded project may have found an answer...

Will the deserts save us?
Today is World Environment Day, and according to a report from the United Nations Environment Programme, deserts can be used to farm fish, grow cereal crops and generate energy from wind and solar power. Read on...

What a silly fuel
"Fill it up with sherbet lemons and bacteria, please. I need to be in Manchester by lunchtime." "Sweet-eating bacteria? A potential source of energy? Are you serious?

Robotic project gets 3,000 boost
The Royal Society has awarded 3,000 to Droitwich High School to build robots. They aim to build search-and-rescue robots in 12 months.
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NOISE (New Outlooks In Science & Engineering) is a UK-wide campaign funded by the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). Initiated in 2000, it aims to raise awareness of science and engineering among young people.